Among the leadership of our company there is more than 60 years of executive search experience. While there are a number of common truths our Partners have learned over the years, there are also key insights each have gained from their unique individual consulting practices. Our clients benefit immeasurably from this powerful blend of shared and individual wisdom and know-how.

The Art of the Search

David Ransom

There is a kind of Beauty in our process that I would call the Art of the Search. For me, the concept of Beauty captures the quintessential description of a highly successful executive search experience. It is a quality, or a combination of qualities, that are joined together to create an outstanding or conspicuous example. True Beauty can only be realized if the final result of a search process has exceeded expectations in the eyes of those most affected by the outcome. The precision by which an executive search must be managed to achieve this optimal result requires an unconventional discipline within each phase of the recruitment process. Within the context of our business, due process and rigorous velocity yield success. It is the harmonious balance of each activity, combined with the Human element, that creates this expression of Beauty.



Pursuit of Perfection

David Reusser

I have always been inspired by the sophistication of executive search, its process, and its constant demand to cultivate relationships and continually intensify performance levels. The artistic nature of executive search can only be understood by those totally dedicated to identifying, pursuing and securing individuals meeting precise and unyielding search criteria—the ideal resolution of the search. This mastering of executive search is, however, not unlike other human endeavors. Perfection is conceived, but in most cases cannot be reached in its purest form. Though this perfection is unattainable, the pursuit of perfection defines our responsibility as search consultants. Embodied in this pursuit is a commitment to stretch beyond the last challenge, allowing one to arrive at a point of perceptual idealism. It is this greater sense of purpose that produces results on increasingly higher altitudes of excellence and enables us to explore opportunities beyond the static reach of others.



The Abstract Element

Kevin O’Brien

What separates incomparable talent from the rest? Is it technical skills, years of experience, fostering by organizations, a prestigious education, or perhaps, professional presence? Maybe it's the impact of a mentor who pioneered the industry? But, what about the composition of a person? What are they made of? What are their life experiences? What is the level of balance in their life? Where are they willing to draw the line? What's ultimately driving their decision-making process? How does a search consultant determine who has 'it' and who doesn't? What ability enables the consultant to discover these candidate qualities? Is this instinct, intuition, or simply a gut feeling? I believe this acquired acuity is what elevates the search process from one defined by method to one celebrated as an act of art. While these abstract traits should not be solely considered in lieu of technical skills, they may be the most critical elements discovered during candidate qualification that we communicate to our Client during the search process.

David Ransom

David Reusser

Kevin O'Brien